A guide to creating a company culture that sticks

Developing a clear and consistent company culture is an important ongoing task that every business owner or leadership team must address.When there is no across-the-board company culture, employees tend to create one of their own. This unwanted environment can often lead to an “every man for himself” type of atmosphere that can undermine company goals, open the door for hostility, and seriously impact how productive and successful a team ends up being in the long run.

What are the ins and outs of being a leader?

In a world filled with choice, customer expectations are higher than ever and competition between businesses is increasingly fierce. For business leaders, this translates to a constant need to reinvent and innovate around product offering, customer service and marketing.

Are your competitors’ best recruitment officers on your payroll?

As HR Directors, Talent Managers and employers in general scratch their heads trying to find good talent and then, once having found it, keep it for some length of time so that it can make a worthwhile contribution, the question business leaders should be asking themselves is: who’s really helping our competitors get the talent we’ve trained and developed to work for them?

How to create winning cultures

Organisations can have the right product, the right strategy, and even the right individuals in place to achieve success, but results are simply not going to be achieved if the environment does not have a winning culture.


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