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Is social media now a powerful HR tool?

Social media is transforming HR and recruitment

Fifty-eight percent of organisations in South Africa are using social media for recruitment, according to a 2013 SA HR Recruitment Trend Survey. This isn't surprising given the increasing popularity of social media amongst South Africans, with at least 13 million using Facebook and 7.4 million on Twitter. While HR departments across the nation may be a little behind other countries like the US, when it comes to utilising social HR, they are increasingly embracing the latest technology available.

Tax comments on the 2017 Budget Review

VAT on fuel

National Treasury has indicated an intention to expand the VAT base by removing the zero rating on fuel. To mitigate the effect, National Treasury is considering combining this change with a freeze or decrease in the fuel levy.

Why IT security needs to be a priority, not a knee-jerk reaction

In business, IT security needs to be a top-of-mind priority. It is critical for organisations to come to the realisation that the security industry has become increasingly dynamic in response to the ever-present threat of a cyber-attack and as a result security measures taken with a company need to be more agile, more complex and far more responsive if they’re to be effective.


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