Best Tips to be an outstanding HR Professional - Preparing you for the future of work.

Best Tips to be an outstanding HR Professional

With the changing times and needs of the business world, Human Resources has become an integral part of the structure of any organisation.

As customers are important to the company, so are the employees important to the Human Resources department of that company. The HR department is responsible for an effective environment in the work-place that creates and sustains, at the same time, a healthy workenergy for all the employees. Thus, the growth of any company is directly related to how good the Human Resources department works.

Qualities of an excellent HR Professional

1. Leadership: The first and foremost quality is that of leadership, because a good HR Professional needs to lead all the employees collectively towards excellence in their respective areas of work.

2. Talent management: A good HR Professional is always on the lookout for employees’ talents being used in an optimal way. They make sure if a task is being given to the most suitable person.

3. Communication: A very important part of Human Resources is a healthy conversation between employees and them. A good HR Professional, therefore, is easy to talk to if any employee needs any grievance addressed or simply needs to report anything.

4. Organisation: Well organised structures, that are not rigid, are important when it comes to an easy mechanism of a business. A great HR Services Professional always plans and organises every task because preparedness is a prerequisite for this profile.

5. Problem solving: This is a much needed quality in HR Professionals. A big part of their jobs involves resolving conflicts, either intradepartmental or otherwise. Conflicts are bound to happen naturally in many work environments but a good HR Professional knows how to foresee conflict and resolve it if any occurs.

How can you become an outstanding HR Professional?

Now that we have acquainted ourselves with the qualities of an outstanding HR Professional, let us see how to incorporate some habits and skills that will help in becoming the best among the best.

1. Make lists and plan every day in advance: Short-term goals are extremely integral to aiming for a long-term goal. Plan every day ahead and distribute the work accordingly.

2. Manage your time: Segregate and divide your work, prioritise and get started. This way, the most important task will get the most time and so on.

3. Build trustworthy relations: As an HR Professional, it is important that you build good relations in the organisation with employees so that they can trust you. This is an abstract goal but it helps achieve the long-term aims of the company.

4. Hire the best: Do not always calculate the cost per hire as a parameter of success. Quality of the employees matters more in an overview.

5. Focus on your skills: Take some time to know your area of specialisation and work more on it. This will keep you on par with excellence and also position you ahead of the crowd. Follow the “One Hour Career rule” in which you should spend at least an hour weekly to update yourself in terms of your career.

6. Create flexibility in structures: Power in a big firm usually is exerted hierarchically. But by bringing flexibility in small ways in the structures, you can make the employee feel better about his or her position. It also makes the work environment more soothing and friendlier.

7. Stay updated: In a world that is highly dynamic, it is important to be up to date with the latest technology and trends in your area of interest thus making the rest of the team prepared to be on top as well. There are new things coming into the digital market almost every day. Use them to their best potential.

8. Have a regular feedback system: In the field of Human Resources, the word “Feedback” plays a crucial role. Try to create the best system for feedback from employees on a regular basis. Your work can progress only when you know what is happening around you in your job. Chart out the deviations between your expectations and the employees’ feedback. It will provide you with a better picture of the working conditions.

9. Pay special attention to new employees: The new recruits of a company need extensive mentorship to get acquainted with the workspace. As an HR Professional, it is necessary that you nurture them into the roles they will be playing.

10. Collaborate with all departments: Organise activities that involve other departments and build relations with them through these. Fun activities are an engaging way of building strong connections internally.

11. Widen your social circle: A good HR Professional must have contacts with important and influential people. They also must have contacts with business allies and potential investors. They must know how to get work done and, for that, they need to know people who can help.

This is a profile that needs continual learning in the work environment.

Follow these tips as well as keep learning and adapting to change.

Kyra Chawla is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specialises in helping with international recruiting, oil and gas recruitment agency Middle East, staffing in Dubai, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

This article appeared in the December 2018 issue of HR Future magazine.


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