How leaders increase productivity - Preparing you for the future of work.

How leaders increase productivity

When some people hear the words boss or leader, they may think these two words mean the same thing. The reality is that these two words are completely different.

When they are put in charge of people, a leader will inspire them. They are invested in their people. A boss may view those who work for them as an aggravating requirement of their job. They view these people as something they must deal with to achieve their goals. In many cases, a person can choose how to view those who work for them. They can decide if they want to be a leader or a boss.


People who are bosses are often very rigid in the way they choose to have things done. A leader will view those working for them as individuals. They will know how to make a person's individual style valuable to the needs of a company. A leader understands there are benefits to a person's individuality. They will have expectations that are flexible and able to adapt when necessary.

Employees are not pushed

In every situation, a leader will lead their people. They know that pushing them will result in a negative reaction. According to Fast Company, a leader creates inspiration for workers to follow where they're going. They know how to develop a sense of being part of a team among their people. Those who work for a leader do not think they're just a collection of coworkers doing a job. 

Accept the blame and give credit

When something goes right, a boss will be the first person to take credit for the results. They are also the first people to blame a worker with something goes wrong, and goals are not met. Leadership development involves a person knowing how to control their ego. They will know success is a result of their workers. They will be the first to talk about how their worker's efforts resulted in success. When things go wrong, a leader will blame themselves.


A person who is a boss only knows how to motivate their workers using fear. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, a leader will observe their workers and learn what makes them perform at their best. They will see excellence in their workers even if the workers don't see it in themselves. A leader acknowledges when a worker has success no matter how big or small. They realize this will help increase a worker's confidence and desire to try new things to achieve goals.

Career development

A boss will be focused on their career. They will think about how the daily activities of workers affect their future. A leader will know how their worker's skill development can benefit the company and themselves in the present and future. They will assign work based on a desire to build the company's future with the workers. This will give workers a sense of being part of a growing company and motivate them to achieve a company's goals.

Risk acceptance

A boss will try to avoid all types of risks. They are too afraid of failure to try anything new. A boss feels playing it safe is always the best way to handle things. A leader is someone who knows that the greatest success often comes after taking the greatest risk. They will encourage their workers to come up with new ideas and to try new things. A leader views every mistake as an opportunity to improve and get better.


When people in a company are put in a leadership position, they need to determine if they want to be a boss or leader. It is possible for a person who is a leader to become a boss, a boss seldom if ever can become a leader. Studies have shown that a leader is more effective than a boss. A boss believes their authority is with them. A leader believes their authority is in the hands of the people they lead. A boss and leader will get results, but most people prefer to work for a leader.

Jennifer Livingston is a freelance writer who specializes on topics related to business, digital marketing, and web development.


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