5 ways to manage your boss - Preparing you for the future of work.

5 ways to manage your boss

Some might think "Me, buy a gift for my boss since when? He should buy me one."

Others pretend as if they don't know it's a day specifically designed to appreciate and celebrate the person you spend 40-hours a week with.

Employer/employee relationships can be challenging and demanding. Some employees might be surprised to find that there are ways to manage your boss.

Here's how:

1. Decisions: If you do not want a 'no' or some delay, give him/her a hand

Your boss will most probably say no if you do not give him/her a hand in decision-making. To avoid a 'no' that will ruin you and your team's enthusiasm, remind your boss of where the discussion was interrupted, what the objective is and of past problems encountered in the decision-making process.

2. Manage your boss's time: You may represent only 1% of his/her problems, don't pretend it's 100%

Yes, you have preoccupations, problems to solve and issues to tackle. However, while your time is entirely devoted to them, do not expect your boss's time to be also. The more simple the issue at hand, the less time you should have your boss spend on it. Prepare, summarize and synthesize information and options. Do not confuse your more frequent problems with the most important ones.

3. An opinion: If you ask for an opinion, your boss will always have one

Rare are the bosses who, when asked for advice, will use the psychological ping-pong approach of retuning the question to the person who asked. And their opinion may not always be that of a genius or a visionary. However, once given, the opinion becomes a constraint: was it an order? So, if you don't want your boss's opinion to put a stop to your achievements, to slow the speed of decision-making, or cloud the viewpoint, then don't ask for it. Best of all, don't ask if you don't need the boss's opinion.

4. Problems: Don't just come with problems, also try solutions

There are many problems in business, but not all need a solution from your boss. Always ask the question: "On which of these steps in problem solving do you want your boss's input? Just be clear on what input you want rather than come with the stressful -"I have a problem".

5. Keep building a relationship of trust and goodwill

Your relationship with your boss is one of the most important relationships at work and it is worth investing in. To have a good relationship with your boss might stimulate better performance, faster decision making and larger accomplishments by both parties. It is a relationship worth investing in. There are no mandatory rules to suggest how much money should be spend, but special days like National Boss Day is worth considering. Rather buy nothing, instead of buying something cheap. The gift should also not be a suggestive gift.

To buy a gift or not that's the question on everyone's mind for National Boss Day today.


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