How great office design boosts productivity - Preparing you for the future of work.

How great office design boosts productivity

Your ability to focus and be productive greatly depends on your environment, and that is a fact that has been confirmed by researchers numerous times.

However, many employers do not consider workplace design as a good investment.

Regardless of their opinion, whether it be a home office or a company, designing an office in a way for it to be tasteful, attractive, and inspiring can boost productivity for everyone spending majority of time in it. Here are some pointers on how to increase productivity in your office by simply designing it with care.

Lighting and color

Everyone is aware that bad lighting can cause eye strain and fatigue, so make sure your office gets as much natural light as it can. But, do not forget other lights as well. Every corner of the office has to have light, because working in a dark space can actually cause depression.

If you want to make your office more spacious and bright, try painting the walls in some neutral and soothing colors. It is a well-known fact that different colors can induce psychological changes; for example – painting an office blue can improve focus for mind-work employees.

Comfort and ergonomics

An office job usually includes lots of sitting and spending time staring at the computer screen, which is fairly unhealthy. First and foremost, you need to provide your employees with the best possible furniture – adjustable chairs and desks, and even standing desks.

Many people sit at their desk and lose time and focus by adjusting, stretching, and moving around to find the best position. Let your employees know how to properly do an ergonomic check – distance between eyes and monitor, and proper posture when sitting among others.

Office flexibility

You can also design your office in a way that not all employees have to sit in the same spot all day. Provide employees with different spaces for different tasks by balancing open spaces with more private areas. It is a more comfortable way to increase productivity with employees. A more fluid office design that promotes movement and creativity can offer a perk of chance meetings and opportunities for new ideas.

People who run into each other in the hallway and talk have a higher chance of connecting. Another useful way to use this to your advantage is to install glass white boards on which people can share ideas, collaborate, or just brainstorm.


Instead of organising and placing together employees around job function or in specific divisions, try putting together colleagues that share the same goal or client. Not only will they be able to get answers and generate solutions quicker, but because you are directly accountable to the people around you, you are more likely to stay on task and be productive.

Lounge areas are also important. Breaks are essential in providing focus and improving creativity, so make sure you have a designated space for employees who decided to take a pause from work and unwind a little. Many groundbreaking ideas were born away from desks and conference rooms – instead, promote occasional breaks.

Bring in nature

It is important for your employees’ psychological and physiological functioning to have access to nature, in whatever form it be. Bring in pictures of the outdoor world and keep the office nicely scented. Scent can also induce psychological changes so pick one that seems optimal for your office and the nature of your job.

Air quality is also a must! Make sure your AC is working properly and is not harming your health. Bring in plants – not only do they look nice, they also provide fresh and purified oxygen for the space.

Final thoughts

Creating an inspiring office is the first step towards a successful company. When employees are comfortable, there is no reason not to be productive. Boost your office productivity by following these steps and watch the numbers on the productivity chart rise.

Tony Solomon is the Editor at Media Gurus.


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