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What kind of leaders do we need for tomorrow?

Without good leadership, countries, communities and companies will achieve nothing of any consequence. They will slowly decay and inevitably fall prey to opportunistic predators who seek to grab power in order to use it for their own selfish purposes.

What questions should we ask about leadership?

There are many questions we need to ask ourselves about leaders and leadership. By doing so, we might choose or follow better leaders and make sure that those who are not doing what they should be doing are soon replaced by leaders who are capable of leading properly.

How to avoid a culture clash

Even if you find a dream candidate with a great education, solid work experience and a résumé full of raving referees, there is still the chance that employing them will turn into a nightmare if their beliefs, values and needs are not aligned with those of your company.

Why resilient leaders need chase growth

Despite some of the harshest economic and business conditions being felt for some time now, a survey has revealed that many of SA's top industry leaders are still positive about the future, and that they display a resilience that will be critical for keeping businesses moving forward in the coming year.


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