5 steps to finding your dream team - Preparing you for the future of work.

5 steps to finding your dream team

Many times as a Recruitment Agency we receive calls from existing or potential employers who ask us to assist them in finding suitable candidates for their job vacancies.

Finding TOP Talent can be very frustrating and time consuming and we all know that time is money.

Here are five steps to follow before phoning a recruitment agency:

1. Know what you want - have a detailed job specification: Think about what you want this person to do. How you want them to be. Be as specific as possible, have a specific list of duties that you want this person to be responsible for. Qualifications and Experience that will be required for this role. This job profiling can be used to measure performance. Knowing what you want will also save you a lot of time.
2. Check your budget: Ensure you have the budget for this role, check salaries and recruitment budget. Check that you have a market-related salary for this role and budget to use a recruitment agency if necessary. Having market-related salaries will make your position more attrative, making you the employer of choice.
3. Decide what recruitment process you will follow and who will be in the interviews. Have selected competency based and role based questions pre-selected for the interview. What recruitment process to follow, how many interviews/assessments before you can make an appointment. Know when you want this position to be filled, how important is this role to the business, can you wait for a calendar month notice.

4. Go through your internal recruitment process: advertise the role internally first giving the opportunity for internal staff to apply. You may have a suitable internal candidate or be able to promote from within the business. Giving staff the opportunity to grow, boosts staff morale within the business.

5. Go through your direct external recruitment process: advertise the role through your external recruitment methods, allowing for referrals and direct applicants. Advertise on your website or on your social platforms if possible.

If you have followed these steps and is still looking for that perfect candidate, give your Recruitment Agency a call to further assist. Only deal with reputable recruitment agencies, try not to use too many agencies, ask the recruitment agencies just to send you their top three CV’s and make sure they have matched the CV’s to your job specification.

Good luck with finding your Dream Team!

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