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How much time have you got?

As our professional and personal lives become more complex and the speed at which things happen increases, authors and consultants have made fortunes out of time management, teaching people how to better manage their time.

Are you a human doing or a human being?

We have become so conditioned, so used to thinking in a way that says, “Do this and you will be able to …”. This gives us the impression that it is by doing something that we will achieve something. Multimillion dollar training empires have been built on this philosophy.

When will we connect the dots?

For the past 20 or so years, South Africans have walked a painful but necessary road to shift from an exclusive society which favoured a minority of people and sidelined the majority to a more inclusive society which made a place for all.

Are you a contribution or a competition?

Most of us accept that the game of life is a competition. We accept that it is played according to a certain set of rules that are not necessarily observed by everyone playing in the competition. We accept that it is by competing against others that we improve ourselves. Competition, we believe, is the natural way of the universe – the survival of the fittest idea surely means that if you’re not good enough you’re going to get beaten to the finish by someone who is faster, smarter or fitter than you are.

How consciously do you work and live?

Consciousness is a word that used to occupy the realms of the esoteric and the worlds of eastern philosophies. Anybody with a so-called Western upbringing and education would have a natural reluctance to consider teachings regarding consciousness. To them, it was all a bit “iffy” and “touchy feely”. Those days have long gone.

When last did you prune?

Pruning of trees and shrubs is an important activity if you want the trees, bushes and shrubs in your garden to maintain healthy growth. But trees and shrubs are not the only things that should be pruned.


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