4 Cloud-based HR systems for small businesses - Preparing you for the future of work.

4 Cloud-based HR systems for small businesses

If you run a small business, it’s inevitable that you’ll wear lots of different hats – whether that means working on projects, paying suppliers, managing cashflow, or developing your sales pipeline. With all that you need to think about, HR functions such as hiring contracts or leave policies can often fall by the wayside. But, it’s really important to have a handle on these HR activities in your business – besides the legal implications of not doing so, happy and productive employees are a crucial success factor for a thriving operation. With this in mind, here are four Cloud-based HR systems that are suitable for small businesses:

1. Bamboo HR

BambooHR’s Cloud-based system offers comprehensive HR functionality and performance management for existing employees, as well as applicant tracking for new recruits. The platform has an interface that’s easy to use, and its reporting capabilities let you track things like employee turnover and retention. The system is available in multiple languages and currencies, it’s easy to set up, and its open API means you can integrate it with other existing systems you may have in place.

2. SAP SuccessSAFactors

While this platform is aimed at small to medium businesses, SAP typically aims its offerings at enterprise customers, which means you can stick with this system no matter how large your company grows. The HR tools offered are really comprehensive, and are accompanied by set up wizards, tutorials and comprehensive help functionality to help you get set up quickly. You can either pay per employee, or pay an annual subscription fee instead.

3. Payspace

This Cloud-based system can be accessed on multiple devices, and it’s developed to cater for small or large companies that may deal with multiple currencies and languages. It’s specifically aimed at businesses on the African continent; the company has a footprint in 37 African countries. Besides its HR tools, you can also access full payroll functionality including country-specific legislative reporting, niche expatriate functionality, leave management and more.

4. Roubler

With origins as an Australian-based payroll software platform, today Roubler has expanded across 23 countries to offer end-to-end, Cloud-based HR functionality. In short, it gives employers the flexible management of the entire employee lifestyle This includes recruitment functions like applicant tracking, shortlisting, employee onboarding, scheduling and time functionality, full payroll and comprehensive reports. These reports offer everything from employee performance ranking to a live view of workforce performance.

While you may hesitate as a small business to invest in an HR system, the resulting control you’ll have over the HR function in your business will be worth it. This will show up most clearly in your company’s bottom line, but also in terms of your employee satisfaction, retention and overall productivity.


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