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Please don’t be an ordinary HR Professional!

An estimated 120 000 HR Professionals in South Africa fall into three groups:

1. a smallish group of inexperienced HR Professionals who are not very accomplished in the practice of HR and who need a lot of development. They are our future. We need to invest in them;
2. a large middle group of fairly ordinary HR Professionals who have a measure of competence but who are not taken very seriously by their colleagues and companies; and
3. a select top group of excellent HR Professionals who, by their vision, expertise and leadership, are shaping a new reality in their companies, their communities and their country.

As an HR Professional, in which group are you?

If you are not in the top group, I invite you to join the Cause so we can help you rise to become an HR Professional known for your excellence and your influence!

If you’re satisfied with being ordinary, HR Future is not for you. Ordinary HR Professionals don’t want their thinking to be stimulated or challenged. They’re quite content to amble along. And ordinary HR Professionals don’t carry much clout, and don’t enjoy much credibility, respect or influence. Such things are reserved for HR Professionals who have elevated themselves above the ordinary to a level of excellence.

The Cause

What is the Cause? We all know that something epic needs to be done to steer the economy of the country in a new direction. But who do we think is going to do it? Are the politicians? Quite frankly, no. They’re actually not responsible for running the economy. That’s the job of Business. But who exactly in Business is going to do it?

It is the leaders of our companies and, more importantly, the people who work for all of these companies. Yes, the old cliché is still true – our people are our country’s greatest asset!

Now, who is responsible for getting the right people on board, identifying the skills they need, ensuring that those people get the right training, are paid correctly and efficiently, are happy and engaged, productive and profitable?

You’re spot on – the HR Professionals!

So, if anybody has the power to turn the economy around, it’s our HR Professionals!

The question is: are you and your team up for it? Are you prepared to join the Cause to help change your company, your community and your country? If you are, I urge you to become members of HR Future.

When you and your team become HR Future members, you join an inner circle of HR Professionals who are part of the Cause – people of excellence who have a passion for people, for performance and for productivity. And as they help their companies become more profitable, they help create more jobs, help reduce inequality and improve the sentiment that shapes our economy – for the better.

And to help you and your team further the Cause, we surround you with a select group of local and international thought leaders and subject matter experts who share their insights, knowledge and wisdom with you to help you grow your own knowledge, understanding and wisdom, to increase your influence in your company, community and country.

To gain access to our high quality content to further enhance your knowledge, understanding and wisdom, become an HR Future member today.

Click here to complete our Membership Application form and our Membership Manager, Monique De Nobrega will be in touch to assist you further.


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