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Architects of Greatness™ Initiative

Answer the call to greatness and join this collaborative initiative of South African leaders aspiring to greatness to address key challenges in our country.

Strategic overview

Various initiatives have been started by concerned South Africans wishing to play a role in improving the conditions and the economy of the country. These efforts are admirable, but have two limitations. Firstly, they are not part of one co-ordinated national initiative and, secondly, they tend to address the consequences rather than the causes of the challenges we currently face, resulting in few significant and sustainable changes.

What is needed is one high level national initiative to address the causes that have brought about the challenges our country faces. Such an initiative requires vision, courage, wisdom, humility and determination as, without these qualities, there is only reluctant effort.

Since October 2013, HR Future Publisher, Alan Hosking, has been working behind the scenes, with the support of a former Commissioner in the Office of the Presidency, on a high level national initiative to address certain key causes of our country’s challenges in order to create a new reality and a sustainable economy in which all can thrive.

Government is aware of the initiative, which already has the support of numerous senior business leaders. Individual and corporate supporters already include CEOs of large multinationals, Economists, University Vice Chancellors, leading Business Schools, Professional Associations and other Organisations.

The Architects of Greatness Initiative is a cause dedicated to utilising the knowledge, wisdom and energy of leaders from multiple sectors to help create a new reality for the good of all of our country’s citizens. To achieve this, the initiative will first seek to create a fundamental change in context – a change in the hearts and minds of our country’s people – a change from self-interest, negativity and small mindedness to a context of greatness – manifesting in selflessness, generosity and compassion.

Once a change in context is started, a national process can then be started to address, in a co-ordinated yet very practical way, three key challenges. Architects of Greatness is inviting the country’s political, business, labour, education and religious leaders to rise above and beyond their own personal, professional and political agendas and interests to collaborate with one another, as South Africans first and foremost, and as parents, secondly, in an unprecedented historic initiative to address three high level challenges in the South African economy. The three challenges are:

1. Developing authentic leadership;
2. Enhancing employability; and
3. Reducing inequality.

These three are not the only challenges we face but serve as a way of creating a focus for many other issues that need to be addressed.

Architects of Greatness recognises that many sincere and compassionate South Africans are trying in their own way to make a difference in the lives of our citizens. We will therefore never attempt to ask people or organisations to forsake their own particular vision and efforts to improve our reality. Instead we invite them to become a Partner of Architects of Greatness so they can benefit from support of other likeminded people and organisations who are doing similar work. In this way, they can indeed strengthen one another’s arms in their noble efforts.

Who are the Architects of Greatness?

The term “Architects of Greatness” comes from a poem, “The Dreamers”, by Herbert Kaufman. According to Kaufman, the Architects of Greatness:

• have a vision that lies within their souls;
• peer beyond the veils and mists of doubt;
• fight for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones; and
• hear the voice of destiny call to them from the unknown vasts.

If you have a vision for this country that sees through the mists of doubt, if you are prepared to fight for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones, if you hear the voice of destiny calling to you, you are an Architect of Greatness and you are invited to be a part of this historic initiative. We all know what the Architects of Apartheid did to our country and its people. Now it is time for Architects of a different kind – Architects of Greatness – to rise up and join the cause to create a better reality for this generation and those to come.

Code of Greatness

A key document that will guide all conduct, planning and implementation of this initiative is a Code of Greatness that has been written for this purpose. The Code of Greatness has been tested with key people in different sectors of the Business community and has been accepted and embraced without reservation.

The Code of Greatness can be signed by all South Africans who wish to identify with the cause to aspire to living and leading with greatness. Signing the Code is completely voluntary. Those who know they have greatness in them and sign the Code will then have a clear road map to follow as they live out their greatness. It is however important for people to be aware that, by signing the Code, they are agreeing to be held responsible for abiding by the Code.

Why must we do this?

The success of this initiative lies in our rising to a collective greatness as a nation. Here is a sample of what commentators have said:

“We need our leaders in the public, private and civil society sectors to work together.”
Jay Naidoo, on

“… we are very good at coming up with plan after plan, policy after policy, but so far we have fallen woefully short on the execution. If we get execution right this time, we can grow our economy by the requisite 5.4 percent per annum ...”
Bonang Mohale, in Reimagining South Africa

“South Africa watches, waiting for someone to step up and fill the void with direction and purpose.”
Gareth van Onselen, in Sunday Times

“Let the good and wise leaders stand up!”
Ben Turok, in Sunday Times

“Business and civil society need to show more leadership.”
Isaac Shongwe, in Sunday Times

“South Africa is facing many formidable challenges and visionary, inspirational and competent leadership is sorely needed.”
Brand Pretorius, Sunday Times

“I am an optimist about South Africa. I know we can take our place in the first rank. We have the people, we have the resources, and we have the will, but getting there will require everyone to do their part. We just need to get started.”
Gloria Serobe, in Reimagining South Africa

What is the next step?

We are currently building a critical mass of people in the different sectors who wish to join the cause. Once we have reached an appropriate level of awareness and achieved a collective consciousness, we will be launching the initiative publicly (date and venue to be finalised).

Answer the call to greatness

Should you wish to answer the call to greatness in your own capacity or on behalf of your company, become a Partner of the Architects of Greatness Initiative, contact Alan Hosking at 

If you’re not going to do something great in this life, in which life will you?


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