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25 July 2018 JHB BreakfastHR Future Johannesburg Breakfast


TOPIC: Agile leaders create agile companies

Get insights into what agility in a company and in a leader is, why it’s so important to become more agile (both as a leader and as a company), how to develop greater agility, and how to measure your own and your company’s agility.

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19 July 2018 JHB Masterclass Multiple Generations in a VUCA WorldHR Future Masterclass


TOPIC: Managing Multiple Generations in a VUCA World

Upskill yourself and your managers to motivate and manage Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists by understanding how each generation thinks and works!

Never before has there been such a variety of generations with very different needs in the workplace. Previously, everyone was expected to do what they were told, no questions asked. Those days are gone. If you want to have engaged talent across all generations, you have to be a master at managing each generation according to the way they think.

This highly interactive Masterclass provides an overview of Generational Theory and of each generation’s characteristics, priorities and strengths. Delegates gain insight into how the four generations in the workplace think, revealing what motivates them and what doesn’t, and provides practical tips to get maximum results from each generation.

1. How to recognise and adapt to each generation.
2. What shapes each generation’s world view and thinking.
3. How to balance the different needs and expectations of each generation.
4. How to get the best results from each generation.
5. Unique tips and advice not found in any textbook to keep the different generations engaged.

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16 August Womens event HR FutureHR Future: Women Leaders of the Future Summit

Alan Hosking, HR Future
Dudu Maphanga, Computershare
Olive Chauke, Growthpoint Properties
Marina Knox, Citadel

- Leadership Secrets for Women in a Disruptive Workplace
- Tomorrow's Leaders Collaborate rather than Compete
- Three Things I believe will help Women Succeed as Leaders
- Four New Leadership Skills That May Surprise You
- How to Swim with the Sharks
- Influence: The New Leadership Currency

As the now outdated military model of leadership that dominated corporates during the Mechanical Age starts to decline, the way is opening in the Digital Age for women to take their rightful place in more leadership positions right up to executive level. Instead of debating whether women can lead or not, the “HR Future Women Leaders of the Future” Summit takes a step forward to put skills, knowledge and insights in the hands of women that will enable them to lead with competence and confidence. This highly interactive Summit is a must-attend for women.

1. Increase your mobility in the talent pipeline.
2. Learn and discuss the skills you need to succeed as a leader.
3. Understand how to navigate around the barriers you will face on the way to the top.
4. Find out why you should overcome pressure to give up your ambition.
5. Identify role models and mentors for yourself.
6. Understand which policies will help and hinder gender equality.
7. Reshape ingrained mind sets and stubborn forms of behaviour in men.
8. Diplomatically deal with unconscious bias in the workplace.
9. Expand your network by engaging with like-minded women.

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