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Masterclass: Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

Facilitated by: Alan Hosking

Why attend?

Never before has there been such a variety of generations with very different needs in the workplace. Previously, everyone was expected to do what they were told, no questions asked. Those days are gone. If you want to have engaged talent across all generations, you have to be a master at managing each generation according to the way they think.

What is the focus of this masterclass?

This highly interactive Masterclass provides an overview of Generational Theory and of each generation’s characteristics, priorities and strengths. Delegates gain insight into how the four generations in the workplace think, revealing what motivates them and what doesn’t, and provides practical tips to get maximum results from each generation.

What will you learn?

How and why:

1. How to recognise and adapt to each generation.
2. What shapes each generation’s world view and thinking.
3. How to balance the different needs and expectations of each generation.
4. How to get the best results from each generation.
5. Unique tips and advice not found in any textbook to keep the different generations engaged.

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