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What people say


HR Future provides recent and up-to-date HR information that assists me to handle HR matters effectively.” (Director: HR)

“The articles in HR Future are relevant to my day to day work situation and give me more insight into what other people (companies) think about day to day HR issues and the relevance thereof. (Group HR Manager)

HR Future offers the HR (and business) person the opportunity to keep in touch with current and future trends in HR so that they can equip their organisations with the tools to best attract, manage, and develop their human capital.” (HR and Administration Manager)

“From the knowledge I gain from HR Future, I translate one new idea or view and incorporate it in my office each and every month.” (HR Co-ordinator)

I have used your magazine to help me with our company’s performance management and diversity, and have all the copies on hand for reference. Whenever I am doubtful on any aspect, I consult your magazine. I cannot wait for the next issue to arrive to see what exciting news is in it .This is one of the best ever investments I have ever made. Thank you for providing one of the best and readable magazines ever!!!!!!! (HR Co-ordinator)

“With the prevalence of information overload it sometimes really is a challenge to select credible, relevant and well-written sources of information.

As the Group Human Resources Executive, I wanted to give my team of six HR managers and practitioners a source of useful information which they could look forward to each month and which would give them valuable information. We subscribed to HR Future and for the past year, my team and I have found something of interest and shareable value in each and every edition. Personally, I enjoy the bite size articles, the ease of reading and the credibility of the contributors. The online version makes 24/7 article availability such a cool reality! We will definitely continue to subscribe for many years to come...

Well done to you and your team, Alan, for publishing such an excellent source of, sound, HR information! (Group Human Resources Executive)

“You are truly an inspiration and you have invigorated us again with your enthusiasm. HR Future is a must read for all our HR practitioners. Go well, Alan – once again thank you for your time.” (HR Manager)

“Reading some of the articles reminded me what an absolutely great read/tool/resource HR Future is. I (at last) logged onto the website as a member as I like reading via my tablet. There are many different options for staying informed of what is happening in the human capital management arena ... HR Future is certainly one of the key.

I shared with my husband how relevant the articles are; that they are very seldom more than two pages but they are full of gems. I get so excited and energised by what I am reading.
So, thank you for continuing to provide a really awesome resource.” (HR Manager)


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